The Thought Leader in the Big Red Suit

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the North Pole,

Merry elves were scrambling to separate the presents from the coal.

Everything was perfect and ready to go, complete with cheery festive greetings.

That is, until disaster struck at the weekly team meeting.

Santa has big ideas for optimizing his brand and becoming a bona fide thought leader.

But…does he even really know what that means? Not according to our BS meter...

His assistant, Twinkly, doesn’t know how to pull off such a coup.

That’s it! He’ll text Snowball! That elf will know just what to do!

Chris Boivin
almost 3 years agoDecember 21, 2017
Twinkly texts like I text. So much editing. Still the best and most useful xmas cards ever! Sharing this w/ my team and colleagues. Merry Christmas all!
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