Rayonier Forest Rangers [Pt. 1] (FINAL)

How Rayonier’s Fire Teams Protect Our Timber in the U.S. Atlantic South

Watch Part 1 in a series highlighting our Forest Rangers. This issue, Greater Georgia RU's Resource Land Manager Don Webb and Forest Rangers Ray Howling, Andrew Register and Michael Byars show us how our fire teams work -- work hard and work together -- to protect our forestland in the fire-prone southeastern United States.

After more than two months, the West Mims Wildfire along the Florida-Georgia state line is finally out. The fire was sparked by lightning in April and grew to more than 150,000 acres, forcing evacuations and sweeping through forestland around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

With hundreds of acres of Rayonier land bordering the Okefenokee Swamp, our fire teams dispatched across the Atlantic region to help battle the blaze for weeks. With the help of heavy rains and a coordinated private/public effort, the fire was fully contained in early June.

Terms to know: "Tater Patching" - In the South, the term for the fire management technique of plowing fire breaks down every take-out row in a thinned pine plantation.

Look for Part 2 later this summer focusing on our Florida-based Forest Rangers and teams.

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